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July 15, 2022

Practice Updates: July 15, 2022

We've made quite a few improvements to quality this week and squashed a whole bunch of bugs 🐞

  • Improved the color scheme for Open Hours & Day Picker inside Availabilities
  • Added support for coupon discounts also being reflected on the paid events checkout page
  • Added tax support for German VAT (MwSt." as an exclusive option at +19%
  • Added tax support for Netherlands 21% Inclusive VAT for P2P and Netherlands 21% exclusive VAT for B2B
  • Added a caption icon to invoices so coaches know how to "mark an invoice as paid" 
  • Default availabilities in new accounts will now be pre-selected when you open Availabilities
  • Improved emails sent from Practice for invoices come from "Practice" and not "Practice Email
  • Improved the padding on testimonial cards
  • Improved dark mode on Library Folder view
  • Fixed a bug where a coach could not link a note to an appointment
  • Fixed a bug where a coach could not connect their Stripe account
  • Fixed a bug where a coach could not remove an appointment from a package
  • Fixed a bug where saving availability was not updating the UI 
  • Fixed a bug where marking an invoice as "paid" would cancel the invoice
  • Fixed a bug where coaches could not export files from submitted client forms
  • Fixed a bug where coaches could not add more than 9 options to an "array" field type in forms
  • Fixed a bug in connecting more than one calendar to your Practice account