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March 24, 2023

Practice Updates: March 24 2023

  • [Pro] improved the UX and copy for accessing digital contracts
  • [Pro] The Practice logo is removed from the digital signature modal
  • Now on the client record you can create a note from the three dot menu
  • Fixed a bug where clicking into a contact led to a bug page
  • Fixed a bug where sharing a folder didn't correctly share files within the folder
  • Fixed a copy change on the lifetime membership page
  • Fixed a bug when sharing a form with a client
  • Fixed a redirect bug after connecting a calendar
  • Fixed a bug when entering a promo code in account creation flow
  • Fixed a bug where a birthday reminder didn't send correctly for one customer
  • Fixed a bug where a client received multiple reminders via Smart Actions
  • Fixed our 404 pages
  • Fixed icons in the library