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March 31, 2023

Practice Updates: March 31, 2023

  • [Pro] Improved the connection status of connecting a domain to your account
  • Now, forms will automatically populate contact fields (name and email) if a form is shared specifically with them
  • The name of your clients will now appear when creating a note on their client record
  • Now, your clients can view the scheduler description when booking an appointment
  • When creating an appointment, reminder fields are now optional and not required
  • Improved the alignment of profile pictures on the public profile
  • Added support for the ability to duplicate a package
  • Improve the spacing issues on mobile web for public profiles
  • Now .health domains work for custom domains
  • Fixed a bug when creating a testimonial to respect line breaks
  • Fixed a bug where completed agreements didn't show a signature upon download
  • Fixed a bug where sharing items via email was not working
  • Fixed a bug where internal profile pictures went missing for some users
  • Fixed a bug where inviting a client to chat didn't work for some coaches
  • fixed a bug where sending as an email didn't work for some coaches
  • Fixed a bug where an appointment reminder went out 3 days after an appointment took place
  • Fixed a bug where the download button wasn't formatted correctly for clients trying to download a file
  • Fixed a bug where scheduler buffers didn't work for one coach
  • Fixed a bug where you no longer need to re-enter the location when the event is in person