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May 20, 2022

Practice Updates: May 20, 2022

  • Coaches can now export invoices on Practice 🎉.  From your Payments dashboard hit the download button generate a .csv and download all invoices from Practice
  • For all main pages on Practice (think appointments, clients, payments, etc...) we've added more consistency to the formatting of headers and layout of the navigation so it's easier to move around your dashboard
  • When sending emails inside of Practice, coaches can now style and customize the email with rich text formatting
  • We've improved the file sharing experience on Practice. When emailing a client a link to a file in your library, instead of showing the actual URL, we're going to generate a clean looking hyperlink to the file in the body of your email
  • Sessions inside of a package are now organized chronologically
  • Fixed a bug where coaches could not create a new to-do on mobile web
  • Improved the header in Smart Actions to make the title of your smart action primary
  • Fixed a bug where coaches couldn't edit a draft of an email on Practice
  • Improved the sync between the client portal and client record when clients upload profile pictures