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October 14, 2022

Practice Updates: October 14, 2022

  • We've added support for an Annual Plan! Now, you can upgrade to an annual plan in the settings of your account (Practice.do/settings) and save a bit each year :) 
  • In preparation for adding multiple payment plans to packages, we've launched a new UI in packages when configuring payment. You might be able to guess what's coming next 😉
  • Added support for viewing emails in-line in Practice inbox
  • Changed call to action on forms so the button now says "Submit" instead of "Save" 
  • Fixed a font issue where the help and resources menu was not matching the rest of the app
  • Fixed a bug where a coach ran into an error when creating a new contact
  • Fixed a bug where notifications weren't being sent for new chat messages to coaches with multiple email addresses
  • Fixed a bug where Apple's Mail policy prevented the "trying to sign in" email
  • Fixed a bug where confirm booking on packages wasn't working
  • Fixed a bug where a client saw "Sorry, you missed it; this appointment has been booked" message
  • Fixed a bug where clicking X on a modal inside of a modal on the invoice page would cause you to leave an invoice without saving
  • Fixed a bug where some coaches could not click on client folders accessed via the Shared Workspace

And, we've released iOS 2.6.1: 

  • Fixed a bug where empty To Do objects would cause a crash
  • Fixed a bug where some coaches saw a red dot behind an avatar with unread messages