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September 16, 2022

Practice Updates: September 16, 2022

Released iOS 2.4.1

  • Now, you can easily share a file or link from within a folder on iOS
  • We've prepared for the release of Apple's iOS 16
  • Invoices shared in your mobile app use an updated invoice link

Released iOS 2.4.2

  • Fixed an issue with the character spacing in the quick find tab for iOS 16
  • Added support for swipe actions on library items; this includes the option to move, share, rename or delete

In this release, we've also pushed: 

  • Within the clients view, we've removed the Archive button as the default hover state action. Now, you'll see a three dot menu with the option to edit, chat or archive the client directly from the master client list
  • Added support for handling errors with autosave; now you'll see a message when the note does not automatically save due to a connection failure
  • Added a UI element in the client record when the client joins the Shared Workspace
  • Added a small confirmation in the "About" section within the client record to show that the information is only visible to you (the coach)
  • Added support for the ability to choose an email alias when sending emails from Practice
  • Improved the UI for deleting a to do
  • Improved the UI for adding a new to do
  • Within the Shared Workspace, the To Do section is now collapsable
  • Fixed a bug where the buffer configuration on the calendar wasn't being reflected in the preview
  • Fixed a bug where adding a new note from the modal shows up out of the view port on small screens
  • Fixed a bug where the statement field does not display well in forms during dark mode
  • Fixed a bug where deleting an email in Gmail will now also remove that email from Practice
  • Fixed a bug where the UI showed a form was scheduled with a Smart Action but the form was already sent
  • Fixed a bug where appointments in the Shared Workspace had missing months associated with the date