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September 2, 2022

Practice Updates: September 2, 2022

  • Now, you can move files in your library with a new mover modal or drag-and-drop options! 
  • Improved the chatbot widget in-app to appear better with in-app alerts and notifications
  • We've added a new form field: Statements! You can now add text to your forms that doesn't have to be associated with a specific question
  • Fixed a bug where invoices were hard to view in dark mode
  • Fixed a bug in marking invoices as paid not updating to the correct status
  • Fixed a bug where unarchiving a contact would not unarchive them
  • Fixed a bug where the dollar sign was duplicated on the invoice payments page
  • Fixed a bug where enrolling in a package wasn't displaying the username correctly for a coach in the email confirmation
  • Fixed a bug where a coach could not select a library item when creating a smart action