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September 23, 2022

Practice Updates: September 23, 2022

✨Improved access for coaches to access the Shared Workspace

  • Now on the client record, you'll see "Open Chat" in the top nav bar instead of a blue box in the side column
  • Client timelines now display the date at which a client joined the shared workspace
  • We've improved the invite modal and workflow for inviting a client to the shared workspace
  • When a new appointment is booked, you can now easily click through to the client record from the confirmation email
  • Fixed a bug where dashes existed in the email signature when they shouldn't be there
  • Fixed a bug where sessions booked in a package reflect the appropriate time slot when booked consecutively
  • Fixed a bug where a coach could not delete their notes
  • Fixed a bug where some emails were missing the body when the email contained an image inline