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September 9, 2022

Practice Updates: September 9, 2022

  • When assigning a package to a client, coaches now have the option to generate an invoice (or not) for the client
  • Added support for schedulers to have a buffer of 3 (three) hours
  • Added support for Irish VAT
  • Moving individual files is now supported in the three dot menu on the file
  • Auto save for notes is now supported! 
  • Updated the property "in person" within schedulers to no longer make this field required
  • Fixed a bug where a coaches calendar was "currently unavailable" when viewing the preview
  • Fixed a bug where weird characters appeared in the subject line of the inbox
  • Fixed a bug where the drop down content is cut off when viewing the list of custom fields in a form modal
  • Fixed a bug where a coach experienced a 504 when sending an email from Practice
  • Fixed a bug where emails with one or more attachments weren't displaying the body of the email correctly