5 things every coaching website needs

Lead by Swyft Sites Founder & CEO Jason Gracia brings a unique view to how coaches should build and manage their website.

About the event

Building a coaching website is one of the most important parts of running a coaching business. There are many things that coaches miss, however! We're going to uncover critical parts of a website that every coach needs to consider. We'll also have plenty of time at the end for questions :) 

🛣   A roadmap for the hub and spoke model in a website

🛠   Important considerations within the hub and spoke model

🧠   What every coach needs within their website framework

Have a question you'd like to ask Jason ahead of time? Send us a note and we'll make sure it gets answered: hey@practice.do

About Jason

Founder of Swyft Sites, the web design agency for certified coaches. We create client-generating websites for coaches in 1/6 the average time and for 1/3 the average price--and we do it with the experience of 15+ years in personal development building websites that generated millions of visitors, 135,000 subscribers, and over $1 million in sales.

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