5 Things I've learned in becoming a coach

Becoming a coach isn't always easy. Heather Stewart is going to take us on a journey to becoming a coach πŸ˜€

About the event

As an experienced Life and Wellness Coach, Heather has helped many individuals find their path. Previously as a CPA-CA for 15 years, she lived through the challenges that many of her clients feel today around fulfillment and personal wellness.


In our discussion with Heather, we're going to review some of her key learnings in her path to running a successful coaching business. Leaving this discussion, you'll walk away with some important information and helpful tips to keep you on the right path :)Β 


πŸ›£ Β  Becoming a coach, where do I start?

πŸ€”Β  How do I know if I'm doing the right things as IΒ get started?

🧠   Maintaining mindfulness in your practice


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About Heather

Heather is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and professionals move from running on a β€œto-do” list hamster wheel to an organized, strategic plan. If you want to stop being overwhelmed and start reaching your goals, Heather will help you clarify what you need to do now and going forward.


When you have a clear plan with support from a seasoned coach, you will be able to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.


Heather left her first career after 15 years as a corporate financial executive and moved into the health and wellness space; teaching yoga, opening her own yoga studio and becoming a Registered Massage Therapist.


After seeing clearly the disconnect between what people wanted from their lives and what they were actually experiencing she moved into coaching full time in order to help more people live the life they intended.

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