Blend your expertise with your coaching education

Coaching in your, "Zone of Genius" can be an incredibly intentional way to build a successful coaching practice. Join us as we explore how to blend your expertise!

About the event

As an experienced product engineering leader with other 20 years experience at top companies (like Apple & Stripe) Tara has recently launched a coaching business. Her experience in the tech sector has created a foundation for her coaching strategy.

The path of launching a coaching business after so many years in the tech sector can be a challenging pivot. In our discussion with Tara, we're going to talk about some of the key considerations you'll need to consider in the days of applying your expertise to your coaching practice.

🛣   What does it mean to blend my expertise and my coaching niche?

🤔   How to effectively apply your experience into your coaching

🧠   Using certifications and education to amplify results

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About Tara

A proven engineering leader with experience managing teams at companies including Apple and Stripe, Tara brings her own grounded perspective to coaching. Combining her extensive personal experience of running product-focused teams with Co-active coach training, she provides a unique perspective on achieving your goals. Tara now runs a full-time coaching practice, while also providing consulting services to startups looking to build out their hiring and evaluation systems. When not working, she's walking her German Shepherd puppy, Juniper

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