Business Strategies Coaches Need in 2022

A conversation with Executive Coach, Steve Schlafman and Practice CEO and Co-Founder, Julien Smith.

Take your coaching business to the next level in 2022

2021 was been an exciting year for coaches. New tools, new strategies, and new growth models top the list of how the coaching world is quickly evolving. We're chatting with Steve Schlafman, to wrap up all that we learned in 2021 and hope to give coaches a fresh perspective on how coaches can evolve their business as we ramp up in 2022.

Featuring Executive Coach, Steve Schlafman

Steve is a professional certified coach, facilitator, speaker, former operator and recovering VC.

He's the founder of Schlaf Co, a boutique leadership development company that helps founders and VCs increase their consciousness and maximize their potential.

He's also launched a few side projects such as The Founder Library, Tapestry, and The Ultimate Annual Review.

In this webinar, we'll share a few important learnings:

  • What coaches should consider using to improve operations
  • How coaches can effectively reprioritize time and resources
  • Indicators & signs of an effective growth strategy
  • What coaches need to think about heading into 2022

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