Fireside Chat with Jason Shen: Using Templates & Tools In Coaching

Moderated by CEO & Co-Founder of Practice, Julien Smith, our Fireside Chat in July with Jason Shen brings a look at creating tools & templates in coaching

About The Event

For our upcoming Fireside Chat, we're excited to speak with Executive Coach, Jason Shen! Using worksheets, guides, and resources is an extremely prevalent practice in running a coaching business. Oftentimes, these tools are used to design an experience that genuinely delivers on the true needs of the client. We're excited to dive deep into what Jason has learned in creating tools of his own!

We'll spend time deep-diving into how he started his journey and a few of the tools he uses for coaching.

🛣   A review of a few templates used by Jason in his coaching

🛠   Creating templates for your own coaching Practice

🧠   Thinking critically about designing a great client experience.

Have a question you'd like to ask Jason ahead of time? Send us a note and we'll make sure it gets answered:

About Jason

Jason Shen is an executive coach and tech leader who helps build resilient products, teams, and communities. After founding 3 startups, Jason works as a PM at Meta on Facebook Groups. He also runs a part-time coaching practice helping overachievers who have lost their spark to write their comeback story. He is a former national champion  gymnast from Stanford and writes the Cultivating Resilience newsletter.

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