Fireside Chat With Kari Sulenes: Community In Your Coaching

Moderated by CEO & Co-Founder of Practice, Julien Smith, our Fireside Chat with Kari Suelenes is a deep dive into the exploration of community as a tool for coaches to grow and manage their business.

About The Event

In our June Fireside Chat with Kari Sulenes, we'll explore practices and strategies for integrating community into your coaching business.

🕺 Leveraging the power of community in a coaching practice

💼 Running a coaching business centered around people

🤝 Scaling a coaching business through group programs, workshops and events

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About Kari

Kari is a co-founder of Pilea, a coach network that supports founders and leaders from all around the world with their mental, emotional and physical health alongside leadership growth. Pilea is an expression of Kari’s grand vision to promote integrative wellbeing in our culture by starting with leaders.

Her education in clinical psychology and organizational behavior positions Pilea at the intersection of authentic human connection and data-driven success.  Her doctoral dissertation work around Organizational Factors of Self-Care demonstrated the power of intervening with leadership to drive a trickle-down approach to overall company wellbeing and success.  

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