Getting great client testimonials with Yiorgos Boudouris

Our conversation with Yiorgos Boudouris will cover a variety of topics you need to know for testimonial strategy.

About the event

Getting testimonials is one of the most important parts of running your coaching business, we're going to peel back the onion and share real-life examples from a coach that's fantastic at getting testimonials.

🛣   A review of his current testimonial strategy

🛠   How to effectively set yourself up to scale testimonial capture

🧠   What you need to think about for your testimonial strategy

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About Yiorgos

Yiorgos is a Toronto-based recruitment leader with 15 years of experience building teams in a variety of industries. Throughout his 15+ year career in recruitment, he's had the chance to interview 1000s of people and hired 100s. This has helped him develop empathy and a storytelling-based approach to his work. He always communicates to job seekers through the lens recruiters and hiring managers review profiles with.

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