Fireside Chat With Michael Bungay Stanier

Moderated by CEO & Co-Founder of Practice, Julien Smith, our Fireside Chat with Michael Bungay Stanier will be sharing his special philosophy on coaching and The Coaching Habit

About The Event

In our March Fireside Chat with Michael, we'll dive into his thought process in writing The Coaching Habit and explore his philosophy on coaching.

❓ A deep dive into Michael's 7 powerful coaching questions

📌 Principles for coaching & building relationships with your clients

🧠 What do new coaches need to think about as they're starting their careers? 

Have a question you'd like to ask Michael ahead of time? Send us a note and we'll make sure it gets answered:

About Michael

Michael has written books that have sold about a million copies all told, including The Coaching Habit, a self-published book that’s become the best-selling book on coaching this century. He's founded a training and development company, Box of Crayons, that has taught coaching skills to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He loves that it’s a human-centered place to work, and truly practices what he preaches.

But wait! There’s more! Michael has been happily married for 30 years or so; he was a Rhodes Scholar; he's created a book in partnership with Seth Godin that raised $400,000 for Malaria No More; he's been named #1 Thought Leader in Coaching and a Coaching Guru; he's launched several podcasts; he's spoken live and virtually to crowds of thousands…

And we're excited to bring Michael to you with an exclusive Fireside Chat hosted by Practice 😄

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