What nobody tells you about burnout (from a burnout coach)

Our conversation with Ellyn is a chance to deep-dive and takeaway tactics you need to create a better balance.

About the event

As a former scientist turned burnout and stress management coach, Ellyn has a load of experience helping people improve their balance and avoid burnout. She helps busy, ambitious high-achievers create sustainable success without all the stress :) 

Coaching burnout is a leading reason that business fizzle and we're going to share some of the tools & tactics to make things more manageable.

🛣   How to avoid burnout as a coach

🤔   Manage your coaching practice to create a healthy balance

🧠   Tools to remain focused and reduce stress

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About Ellyn

With an MS, coaching certification from the World Coach Institute, and stress management specializations from not one but two health coach organizations, she has been hired as a speaker for LinkedIn (yup - that LinkedIn), American Licorice, Avery Dennison (the office supply peeps🏢), Rosalind Franklin University, and CUES to name a few, and has been featured in Fast Company, Reader’s Digest, Brainz Magazine as an Executive Contributor, We are Women Owned, and more.

She's worked with dozens of individual clients, including employees at Fortune 500 and 100 companies like J.P. Morgan, Amazon, and VISA, read hundreds of books, and spent 1000s of hours researching burnout and stress.

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