Building a client onboarding program with Josh Dietrich

Moderated by CEO & Co-Founder of Practice, Julien Smith, our conversation with Josh Dietrich will cover a variety of topics you need to know for your client onboarding strategy.

About the event

After launching his coaching practice less than a year ago, Josh has logged over 400 hours of coaching with a net promotor score over 100!

🛣   A review of his current client onboarding program

🛠   Building a foundation of a scalable onboarding strategy

🧠   What you need to think about for your own client onboarding

Have a question you'd like to ask Josh ahead of time? Send us a note and we'll make sure it gets answered:

About Josh

Josh Dietrich is an Executive Coach, Life Coach, and Managing Partner of Arete (ARE-eh-tay) Pursuits. He has over three decades of experience as a technology leader delivering solutions that serve higher education. Josh holds coaching certifications with the International Coaching Federation and the Newfield Network. His breadth and depth of experience enable him to coach leaders across the organization. His ontological coaching training with the Newfield Network gives him powerful tools to help coachees shift how they view the world to unlock new possibilities for learning and growth. Josh publishes a weekly newsletter on LinkedIn too. You can also view his public profile on Practice!

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