Some of what you (and your clients) get:

Some of what you (and your clients) get:

  • Private client portal with messaging and organized folders
  • Flexible payments – scheduled invoices, packages, subscriptions. 
  • Form templates and contract signing
  • 5-minute landing page
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Organized and detailed client management
  • Dedicated mobile apps for you and your clients


You're in good company

Yiorgos Boudouris

"I used to rely Google for emails but Practice now integrates with Gmail too, so I use Practice for everything."

Evan Silver

"Freedom! Practice gives me the organization that I need."

Cam Charbonneau

“Before Practice, it was all over the place. Now, I feel more organized which helps me disconnect from work a lot easier."

Lois Weinblatt

“The team is exceptionally dedicated and always available to learn about my needs. There is no going back!


When scheduling meetings requires a chain of emails, and rescheduling is a nightmare.

Sync as many calendars as you want, schedule without any back and forth, and never worry about double booking again.


Full control of your schedule

  • Connect as many Google Calendars as you want.
  • Create different availabilities for different appointment types.
  • Fine tune your schedulers with daily and weekly appointment limits, buffers and time blocking. 

SMS and email reminders

  • Decrease last minute cancellations and no-shows with automated reminders
  • Customize send times and create as many reminders as you like. 

Easy automations to save you time

  • Attach a form to the scheduling flow so you can capture client information smoothly.
  • Attach payment to the scheduling flow so you get paid before someone gets on your calendar. 
  • Schedule a form to go out before an appointment starts, or after an appointment ends.


When documents are going missing and things are falling between the cracks.

Your entire client relationship in one place

  • See every appointment, event, file, form, invoice, link, note and email thread in one neat place with our client records.
  • Remember important details with our custom fields – things like birthdays, who they were referred by, etc.
  • Light project management using our shared to-do list.

A single place for your client communication

  • Private client portal available on iOS, Android and Web.
  • Chat and voice memos functionality. 
  • See all shared resources and past appointment history.

Manage groups and events as well

  • Easily create and manage events – from sign up, to payment, to feedback forms. 
  • Manage any groups alongside your individual clients.


When you need flexible ways to get paid, and easy invoicing tools to make you look professional.

Whether you sell your services through packages, retainers and/or one-off projects – we’ll help get you paid and stay organized.

Multiple payment options

  • Give clients flexibility by using payment plans.
  • Create and schedule invoices.
  • Offer packages, subscriptions and one-off products.

Coupons and promo codes

  • Create and manage discounts.
  • Choose between one-time or recurring options.

Save time with Practice

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Does Practice charge by client or project like other client management software?

Nope! Practice is a flat rate of $35/month or $300/year regardless of how many clients you have.

Which payment processors are you integrated with?

Currently, we only integrate with Stripe, one of the world’s largest payment processors. Stripe is free to sign up for, and will charge you only on successful transactions. 

Does Practice integrate with Outlook or iCal?

Practice currently integrates with Google Calendar, but more will be on the way!

Can I import any workflows?

Not yet. However, we’d be more than happy to help you set up automations based on the needs of your coaching business.

Can you help migrate my existing forms?

Absolutely! Simply send a message to: or read about our migration experience.