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Complimentary Wellness Consultation Template

As a wellness professional, you understand the importance of taking care of your clients’ physical and mental health. This template will make it easier for you to help your clients take the first steps to achieving wellness.

This form template is designed to help you gather important information from your clients so you can better understand their needs and develop effective strategies for improving their overall wellbeing. It includes questions about their physical health, mental health, lifestyle, and nutrition. The answers that your clients provide will help you create a customized wellness plan that is tailored to their individual needs and goals.

The template also includes a section for your clients to provide context to any former coaching and counselling experience, allowing you to get a sense of what worked for them and what didn't work for them in a coaching or counselling relationship.

We know that your clients’ health and wellbeing are important to you, and we are honored to be part of your journey to helping them achieve their goals. We hope that this template will make it easier for you to provide the best care possible.

Complimentary Wellness Consultation Template

  1. What made you decide to apply for this consultation?

  2. How satisfied are you with your current day-to-day life?

  3. What areas in your life are you currently having the most difficulties?

  4. Which Pillars of Wellness are you most hoping to improve?

  5. How motivated are you to change your life?

  6. Is there anything that may be standing in the way of you making changes in your life to benefit your future?

  7. Have you ever been coached/counselled before?

  8. If yes, how was your experience? (type NA for Not Applicable)

  9. What are you hoping to gain from this session?

  10. Is there anything else I should know about you that would help me help you better?

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