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Financial Coaching for Couples Intake Form Template

Couples financial coaching can help you and your partner form meaningful and lasting financial habits that benefit both of you. With the right guidance and support, you can create a plan that brings financial security, freedom, and peace of mind.

If you are considering couples financial coaching, the first step is to complete an intake form. This form will provide your financial coach with a better understanding of your current financial situation, goals, and challenges.

The Financial Coaching for Couples Intake Form Template is designed to capture all the necessary information in a clear and organized way. It covers topics such as income sources, debt, investments, and insurance.

By taking the time to answer the questions on the form, you and your partner can start your financial coaching journey on the right foot. Your financial coach will be able to use the information provided to build an effective plan together.

The Financial Coaching for Couples Intake Form Template is a great way to start the process. In completing the form, you and your partner will be taking the first step to creating a secure financial future.

Financial Coaching for Couples Intake Form Template

  1. What is your partner's name?
  2. What are your email addresses? (you and your partner)
  3. From 1-5, rate how well you currently manage and/or communicate about money as a couple.
  4. What would your life look like if money wasn’t a problem?
  5. What would it mean for your marriage if money wasn’t an issue?
  6. What is currently your biggest money challenge?
  7. Why do you NEED to be in the this program?
  8. What is the outcome you desire most 6 weeks from now?
  9. Can you commit to 60-minute sessions with your coach every week?
  10. Please provide a few days/times (EST) that you would be able to meet with your coach - this should be the same time for 6-weeks.
  11. Can you commit to taking action together for 1-2 hours per week?
  12. Are you BOTH fully committed to this process and open to talking about money and your relationship?
  13. Are you able and ready to invest at this time? (Tuition is $X/month for X months, or $X paid in full)
  14. What makes you and your partner the perfect fit for this program?
  15. How did you hear about us?
  16. If you were referred by someone, please let us know who to thank!
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