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Hypnosis Clarity Call Form Template

Are you a professional working with clients who need to learn to control their own subconscious and inner dialogue? The Hypnosis Clarity Call Form Template is designed to help you provide your clients with a structured and effective hypnosis experience.

This form template will help you and your client establish a clear goal and intention for the session. It provides a structure for the hypnosis session, including a plan for the client to focus on during the session and a post-session plan for progress tracking.

The Hypnosis Clarity Call Form Template includes a client information form, a pre-session questionnaire, and an after-session follow up form. With this template, the client can fill out all the necessary information in advance, allowing the session to move quickly and efficiently. The questionnaire helps the client focus on their goal and the follow-up form helps track progress and measure the success of the session.

With this template, you can provide a more effective and personalized hypnosis experience for your clients. It is an invaluable tool for helping your clients access their subconscious and create lasting change.

Hypnosis Clarity Call Form Template

  1. How did you find me?

  2. Have you ever been hypnotized before? If so please describe your experience. What worked and did NOT work?

  3. What would you like to change in your life through hypnosis/regression? What is your motivation to hire a hypnotherapist?

  4. How committed are you to taking action steps to change your situation and/or reach your goal?

  5. What are some things or techniques you have tried to improve this situation or challenge?

  6. Briefly describe your Religious and/or Spiritual beliefs.

  7. Have you been diagnosed with a mental illness? If so, which one (s)?

  8. Are you currently taking any medication? If so which one (s)?

  9. Are you willing to invest time and money to support your change?

  10. Would you like to receive a free gift on "overcoming overwhelm as a Highly Sensitive Person/Empath" and receive my monthly newsletter: Joyous Life tips?

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