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Introductory Coaching Call Template

Are you a professional coach looking for a way to streamline your introductory coaching calls? If so, our Introductory Coaching Call Template is the perfect solution for you!

This easy-to-use template will help you quickly and efficiently evaluate the needs of your clients. It contains all the questions you need to get a full understanding of the client's background, goals, and objectives.

You'll be able to gather more information in less time, allowing you to tailor your coaching services to meet each client's unique needs. The template also includes free-text sections you can use to record observations, ask clarifying questions, and make notes on the conversation.

Our Introductory Coaching Call Template is designed to help you reduce the amount of time spent on the initial call and make the most of the valuable time you have with each client. It can be used as-is, or customized to fit your particular style and needs.

Start streamlining your introductory coaching calls today with our Introductory Coaching Call Template. It's the perfect way to get to know your clients and start providing them with the best coaching services you can offer.

Introductory Coaching Call Template

  1. Have you ever worked with a coach before?

  2. Which area(s) of your life would you be looking to explore through coaching? (i.e. Personal Development, Career Development, Relationships, etc.)

  3. What is the main goal you'd like to work towards achieving through coaching?

  4. How much are you willing to invest towards achieving this goal?

  5. Do you have access to a learning and development budget that could cover your coaching through a company, organization, professional group, etc.?

  6. How many hours are you willing to commit per week (outside of sessions) to work towards achieving your goal?

  7. When would you be available to start a coaching engagement?

  8. How much time would you like to invest in working with a coach?

  9. How did you hear about me?

  10. If you chose "Other" for the prior question, please explain:

  11. Is there anything else you would like to share with me before we connect?

  12. Thank you for providing your answers ✨ Also, there's no need to prepare formally for our intro call :) I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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