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Post Session Reflection Form Template

The Post Session Reflection Form is a powerful tool for professionals and their clients to gain insight into the progress they’ve made in their sessions. It is a simple but effective way to help both the professional and client understand the progress they’ve made over the course of their sessions, to identify any areas that need more work, and to provide objective feedback.

The Post Session Reflection Form provides a comprehensive assessment of the client’s progress and how they view their progress. It consists of a series of questions that allow the professional and the client to evaluate the session, both in terms of the content and the dynamics between them. Questions include topics such as the client’s overall experience in the session, their comfort level, the level of engagement, and the success of the session in achieving its goals.

The feedback that the form provides can be used to help the professional and the client both identify areas for improvement and areas of strength. It can also be used to inform future sessions and the overall therapeutic relationship. By using the Post Session Reflection Form, the professional and client can gain a clear understanding of the progress they’ve made and identify opportunities for further growth.

Post Session Reflection Form Template

  1. What happened in today’s coaching session?

  2. What did you notice about your client?

  3. What did you notice about your own coaching? About your thoughts and feelings today?

  4. What kind of impact did your coaching have on your client today? How do you know?

  5. When did your coaching feel effective today? What made it feel that way?

  6. Was it possible that your client had any “aha” moments today? What led to that moment?

  7. What was challenging for you in today’s session?

  8. What did you notice about your own listening? About your inner dialogue?

  9. What do you appreciate about your own coaching today?

  10. What would your client say about your coaching today?

  11. What do you think was “not said” by your client today?

  12. Was your client sharing any stories today? Were these new stories or ones she’s told in the past?

  13. What indicators were there today that your client made progress towards her goals?

  14. Where do you think your client is ready to go next?

  15. What are you curious about or do you want to learn more about?

  16. What is your next coaching move?

  17. What would help your client move forward?

  18. What do you want to do or say in your next meeting?

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