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Pre-Session Questionnaire for Executive Coaches

Are you the executive coach who wants to get the most out of each client session? With our Pre-Session Questionnaire, you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each session.

This is a comprehensive form that guides your clients in providing the necessary information you need to get started. The questionnaire will help you gain insights into the client and their goals. Having this information prior to the session will help you create a personalized plan that will bring the client closer to their desired outcomes.

The Pre-Session Questionnaire covers topics like the client's background, goals and expectations, current challenges and resources, and other important areas. You can easily adjust the form to fit the needs of the client, making it the perfect tool for any executive coaching session.

Using this questionnaire, you can easily identify the client's needs, strengths, and weaknesses. This will help you create a customized session that is tailored to their individual requirements. With the Pre-Session Questionnaire, you can ensure that each client session is both efficient and productive.

Pre-Session Questionnaire for Executive Coaches

  1. How am I right now? How has my week been?

  2. What do I want to get out of the session (unless you have an urgent or emergency issue)?

  3. What action did I take since our last meeting? What were my wins/challenges?

  4. What do I have to report on my “homework”? What do I want to be held accountable for?

  5. What are the challenges, concerns, achievements, or areas of learning to be addressed? What issues do I want to explore further or deepen in our session?

  6. Debrief last session’s discussion and anything that was left as unfinished (business)

  7. Is there something else that is important for you to talk about?

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