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Key Benefits of Having Tutoring Business Insurance

Key Benefits of Having Tutoring Business Insurance

Protect your tutoring business with the right insurance coverage. Learn about the benefits of business insurance, types of insurance for tutors, and factors to consider when choosing a policy. Explore reputable insurance providers and additional steps to safeguard your business.


If you have recently made the exciting decision to start your online or in-home tutoring business, there are many things you are learning about how to run a successful business. When deciding if you want to file as a DBA or LLC, you also have to look into insuring your business. Just as home insurance protects you from third-party risks and property damage, small business insurance will protect you from any of these issues as they relate to your business.

Business insurance is essential for your tutoring business to protect you from liability due to physical injury, financial loss, or property damage. It will also protect you if another business tries to sue you for copyright infringement. While there is no guarantee any of these issues will ever actually come up for your tutoring business, the peace of mind of knowing you are protected is well worth it in the long run and will make you stand out as an honest professional to prospects.

This article discusses some key benefits of having tutoring business insurance, the types of insurance available for tutors, and what to consider when searching for the best insurance for your business.  

Types of Insurance for Tutors

There are many types of insurance out there, and the nature of the insurance policy you choose depends on your business type. If you are running a small in-home or online tutoring business, you should consider three kinds of insurance.  

  • General Liability Insurance

Often required for a commercial lease, this policy covers third-party risks such as lost or broken items, physical injury, and libel or slander lawsuits. It will also cover business interruption costs.

  • Professional Liability Insurance

This policy covers legal fees and settlements to protect you against allegations of negligence or misconduct. Also referred to as errors and omissions insurance (E&O), it saves a tutor from being sued over a student’s academic performance or failure to deliver promised results due to tutoring oversight or mistakes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Insurance

Having a tutoring service brings you in direct contact with many students and their families. As such, it is important to follow best practices and guidelines to protect you and your clients from harm. Before choosing an insurance policy, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • Coverage Limits

The first thing you want to look into is the coverage limits of a given insurance plan. You must ensure that a policy can guarantee adequate coverage for potential damages or losses associated with your job as a tutor. You also need to balance the level of coverage with the cost so you don’t end up paying too much for a plan that won’t provide the necessary coverage.

  • Insurance Provider Reputation

Look for an insurance provider with experience in the tutoring industry, as they are more aware of the unique coverage needs for your business. It is always wise to read customer reviews and research an insurance company’s history to ensure they are a financially stable and reliable provider.

  • Customization Options

No business is a cookie-cutter copy of another, and you want to find an insurance provider that goes beyond cookie-cutter insurance plans. Finding a provider that offers tailored insurance plans that can provide additional coverage for your unique risks will give you an extra layer of ease.

Some customization options you may want to consider for your tutoring business include the following.

  • Home-Based Business Insurance - A traditional home insurance policy does not include coverage for business-related losses.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance - This policy will be required if you decide to hire any additional employees for your tutoring business. It is a stand-alone policy that will cover lost wages and medical expenses for any employee injured on the job. It will also cover legal fees should an employee try to sue over a work-related injury.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance - If you need to drive to clients’ homes frequently, you may want to consider this policy.
  • Cyber Insurance - This is highly recommended if your business handles credit card numbers and sensitive personal information. This policy will cover data breach investigations, fraud monitoring services, and customer notification costs in the event of a cyberattack or data breach.

Benefits of Tutoring Business Insurance

If you are on the fence about purchasing an insurance policy for your business, you must consider the key benefits of having business insurance.

  • Peace of Mind

The biggest benefit of having a good insurance plan is the peace of mind it will provide you, knowing that potential risks are covered. As a tutor, your priority is providing the students you work with tailored academic support. You don’t have to spend unnecessary time worrying about being held liable for losses or damages that could occur on your watch. Preparing for unexpected incidents before they even happen allows you to focus on doing your job.

  • Protection of Assets

The only way to avoid personal financial hardship and protect your business assets is to have insurance for your tutoring business. Working with an experienced provider will help you determine the unique needs of your business and which coverage is best for you.

  • Business Growth

When you are trying to attract new clients you must display yourself as a reputable business. Displaying on your website that you are licensed and insured provides prospects with peace of mind knowing that you demonstrate professionalism and responsibility.

The Best Insurance Providers for Tutors


This insurance provider offers customizable small business insurance. With over one hundred years of experience, they have established trust with thousands of small businesses from sole proprietors and LLCs to home businesses and contractors. Hiscox can tailor your coverage to meet any need. They cover general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, cyber security insurance, and more.


This insurance provider is owned by Berkshire Hathaway and offers insurance tailored specifically to educators. You can talk directly to a licensed expert about the plan that best fits your tutoring business.

Insurance Canopy

This is another affordable insurance option for tutors. Insurance Canopy offers general liability and professional liability insurance with the option to add additional coverage for cyber security and additional insureds to cover rented spaces and other businesses where you provide your tutoring service.

Other Ways to Protect Your Tutoring Business

In addition to purchasing the right business insurance policy for your business, there are other steps you can take to protect your assets from unexpected business related incidents. Doing these things won’t take a lot of additional time, and you can be sure your business is compliant and protected.

  • File for an LLC or corporation - Filing as an LLC or a small corporation (S-Corp) establishes your business as a separate entity from yourself and protects your personal assets from business related lawsuits. Filing as an S-Corp may also save money on taxes as your business grows.
  • Clear, concise contracts - A Tutoring Contract helps keep you on the same page as your clients and provides a framework for your services. It can also protect you and your clients in several ways.
  • Keep licensing up to date - Ensure that your business is compliant and stay on top of keeping your business license up to date! .


Business insurance is an essential part of running a professional tutoring business. Understanding the type of insurance and the customization options that will provide you with the optimal coverage for your tutoring business will protect you from liability and financial stress and demonstrate your professionalism to prospective clients.

While general liability insurance will shield you from third-party risks and business interruption costs, professional liability insurance is a more well rounded option to protect you from allegations of negligence and lawsuits over student performance. You may also want to consider additional coverage such as cyber insurance or commercial auto insurance depending on the nature of your tutoring business.

Ultimately, prioritizing safety and protection of yourself and your clients is the goal of business insurance. All of the benefits that come along with it are the cherry on top.

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