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Strategy Coaching: Becoming a Coach that Helps Drive Growth

Strategy Coaching: Becoming a Coach that Helps Drive Growth

Unlock your full potential and navigate today's complex and competitive landscape with strategy coaching. Explore the role of a strategy coach and how they assist individuals and companies in developing clear and actionable strategies to achieve their goals. Learn the essential skills needed to become a successful strategy coach, including critical thinking and effective communication. Find out how to strengthen client relationships, set realistic goals, and attract clients through networking, referrals, and thought leadership.


Strategy coaching can help drive business and personal growth. Strategic thinking is one of the best tools companies and individuals can utilize to navigate the challenges present in today's complex and competitive landscape.

Strategy coaches help clients develop successful and practical strategies that enable them to identify problems and develop winning action plans to solve them. Strategic coaches ultimately work with business owners and individuals to help them achieve short-term and long-term goals. They act as a valuable sounding board and assist entrepreneurs and professionals alike to create a concrete action plan that takes their business and personal goals to the next level.

Before we explore how to build your strategy coaching business, let's unpack what a strategy coach is and the skills needed to master the art. 

What is a strategy coach?

Defining the role is essential before we delve into the various ways in which strategy coaches can support business owners and professionals. Strategy coaches assist individuals and companies in identifying their main problems and goals, assessing the current climate and situation, and developing clear and actionable strategies to achieve their personal or business objectives. Strategic coaches often run in-person coaching sessions, but some might offer online workshops and web-based coaching programs.

While certain aspects of their role might be similar to a life coach, performance coach, or executive coaching, strategy coaches are more focused on strategic planning so that individuals and companies can achieve pre-determined milestones and succeed in realizing their goals.

Strategy coaching can be used for various projects, goals and initiatives at both a personal and professional level. People might use a strategy coach for the following :

  • To discuss a new business idea and develop a clear vision of how best to execute it. 
  • To create a clear business strategy for a new project or program. 
  • To work with team members embarking on a new schedule so that everyone is on the same page and has a clear and definitive plan in mind. 
  • To assist a leadership team with career planning and development processes for their employees. 
  • To support any area of personal development that an individual wants to work on (for example, better communication, conflict resolution or enhanced public speaking skills).

The scope of a strategy coach is vast. While some coaches are dedicated business strategy coaches, others work with clients looking to develop strategies for their personal lives. Different strategy coaches will have different coaching styles. Nonetheless, strategy coaches, regardless of their method or outlook, all work to strategize with clients so that they can succeed in whatever area of their life they want to improve on. 

How to be a successful strategy coach

Strategy coaches can thrive in the coaching realm by enhancing their coaching skills and knowledge. Some key ways to succeed as a strategy coach include the following:

  1. Hone important coaching skills: Mastering several vital coaching skills can enhance a strategic coach's abilities. Skills include things like critical thinking, clear and strong communication and problem-solving. Quality coaches work hard to enhance their emotional intelligence and equip themselves through coaching certifications and constant personal and professional development. 
  2. Strengthen relationships with clients: One of the best ways to strengthen client relationships is to build trust. Coaches achieve this by showing their authenticity, building rapport through language and body language, showcasing reliability and accountability and communicating honestly and openly.
  3. Set clear and realistic goals: Successful strategy coaches set clear, achievable goals and empower their coaching clients by doing so. Be honest about the client's strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint what they are capable of and any limitations. Work with your client and create clear and doable goals that will allow them to thrive. Whether they are working on personal goals or want to enhance their small business, a strategist can help them come up with a workable action plan that yields results.

Tips for finding clients as a strategy coach

One of the most significant obstacles coaches face is finding and retaining clients. Happily, there are several ways to attract the right clients and keep them. These might include the following methods: 

  • Cultivate a powerful network: Networking is one of the most influential and business-savvy tools you can use as a coach. Build a robust network with other coaches and join networking groups. With so many different types of coaches around, you can always grow and gain great insights from other coaches who work in various fields. You may even find yourself in a fantastic position where you start referring clients to each other. For example, if you work with teenagers and young adults and a fellow coach works with business executives, you're working with different target markets. 
  • Harness the power of referrals: Referrals are a brilliant way to get new clients. Word of mouth is really one of the best ways to build your brand and showcase authenticity. 
  • Showcase your expertise: It is important to highlight and share your knowledge. If you have worked in professional settings, show business owners your skills as an executive and professional coach. Show your clients how your past experience and skills can benefit their needs, and speak about your qualifications and experiences. 
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader: Highlight your knowledge base by establishing yourself as an expert in thought leadership. Write blogs, share interesting articles on your social platforms and LinkedIn, create videos, and run webinars. Always give a few moments of your time to answer questions and share your wisdom and insights. Volunteering your time is another effective way to get your name into the world and make a positive difference. 
  • Leverage the power of testimonials and reviews: Sharing testimonials and reviews is one of the best ways to bolster your brand and get your name out there. People want to know that the coach they hire has a clear and proven track record and has meaningfully helped other coachees. Share these reviews and testimonials on social media platforms and your website. 
  • Build your brand and online presence: Your brand will attract the right clients and build a sense of loyalty and community. Successful brands that attract clients make their customer base feel valued and supported and build a community that speaks to their needs. 


Strategy coaching is one of the most beneficial ways for individuals, professionals or those with their own businesses to achieve goals. Strategy coaches can gain huge levels of satisfaction from helping and inspiring individuals and organizations to realize their dreams, unlock their potential and achieve their goals. The field is hugely rewarding and is ideal for those passionate about facilitation and goal-setting.

Successful strategy coaches and coaching professionals should also utilize practical tools to manage and streamline their services. Practice offers a no-hassle platform that allows coaches to handle every step of the coaching process, from client communication to appointment booking and invoicing.

Practice helps coaches to optimize the administrative elements of business and deliver 5-star professionalism every time. The specialized client portal allows coaching clients to book their own appointments and access templates, resources and contracts, enhancing their experience. 

Elevate your coaching service with our one-stop client relationship management platform and enjoy your first month for just $1.

Chat with us if you have any questions or if you are ready to start building your strategic coaching brand today. 

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