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Client Introduction Coaching Form Template

Are you looking for a way to get to know your new clients better? The Client Introduction Coaching Form Template is designed to help you quickly and effectively learn about your customers.

This template is designed to help you understand your client’s goals, challenges, and needs. You’ll be able to better understand their needs and offer customized plans to help them reach their objectives.

This form will enable you to gather information about their background, interests, and expectations. It also allows you to gather their contact information and preferences, so you can keep in touch and better serve them.

This template offers a comprehensive and efficient way to collect all the information you need to better understand your clients. It encourages clients to provide detailed information, so you can create more personalized plans and better serve them.

The template is easy to customize and use. It’s organized in sections, so you can quickly and easily find the information you need. And the intuitive interface and design make it easy to navigate and use.

This template is the perfect way to get to know your clients and create personalized plans to help them reach their goals. Give it a try and see how it can help you better understand and serve your clients.

Client Introduction Coaching Form Template

  1. What is the best number to reach you?

  2. Please upload the coaching agreement that was emailed to you

  3. What are your pronouns?

  4. When is your birthday?

  5. Where did you grow up?

  6. Where do you live now?

  7. What is your status?

  8. Do you have children? If so, anything you want to share about them?

  9. Do you have siblings? If so, where do you fall in the lineup?

  10. How do you think a good friend of yours would describe you?

  11. What parts of yourself feel good being seen and celebrated?

  12. How would you describe your relationship ‘ecosystem’ of support right now? (i.e. do you have a tight group of family member or friends, have 1:1 relationships that don’t overlap much, tend to keep mostly to yourself, etc?)

  13. Do you have any relationships in your life that are actively causing you stress or harm?

  14. How do you identify? Or what are some of the top ways that you describe yourself? (i.e. race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, location, occupation, political, talents, personality)

  15. Are there any communities or groups of people that you identify with and feel a part of?

  16. Is there any part of your identity that you are currently questioning or feeling at odds with?

  17. What are the two or three significant events in your personal and/or professional life that have shaped you into the person you are today? What did you learn from them? (Don't overthink this one. Just pick a couple!)

  18. What is most important/essential in your personal and professional life to be satisfied?

  19. What gives you a sense of fulfillment or meaning in your work and life?

  20. When you think about the future, what aspirations do you have for your career and life five to ten years from now?

  21. Are there any links to your public facing work that you'd like to share? i.e. website, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc

  22. What is your reason for seeking a coach at this time?

  23. How long has this current situation been occurring?

  24. What is your own assessment of your level of motivation to address your identified coaching challenge at this time?

  25. What would you like to be different in your career and/or personal life as a result of the coaching, and by when?

  26. What will be different in your work and life as a result of making these changes?

  27. What obstacles are likely to ‘get in the way’ of you reaching this outcome?

  28. What successes have you had in the past that motivate you to tackle this change now?

  29. What is important for me to know about the way you would like me to interact with you or how you would prefer we do our work?

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