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Enneagram Coaching Session Reflection Template

Enneagram Coaching Session Reflection Template is designed to help coaches and their clients reflect on their coaching sessions. By prompting clients to consider their progress, identify areas of growth, and set goals for the next session, it can help to ensure that the client is getting the most out of their coaching experience.

The template includes a reflection on the client’s overall experience, the strengths and weaknesses that were identified during the session, any issues that were discussed, and goals for the next session. It also includes sections for the client to rate their overall experience, provide feedback on their coach, and suggest topics for future sessions.

By taking time to reflect on the coaching session, clients can get a better sense of their progress and make sure they are on track to reach their goals. This Enneagram Coaching Session Reflection Template can help to create a meaningful dialogue between coaches and their clients, ensuring that the coaching process is as effective as possible.

Enneagram Coaching Session Reflection Template

  1. Which of the Core Motivations grabbed your attention and why?
  2. How do you feel when reading your Type’s Core Motivations?
  3. Can you think of circumstances in your life where your Core Motivations were activated?
  4. Share several from different seasons of life.
  5. Have you felt stuck and hopeless at times when your Core Motivations are activated, and your reactions seem to cause more problems than they solve?
  6. Can you give examples?
  7. How can knowing why you think, feel, and react to circumstances (Core Motivations) help you in your everyday life and relationships?

    The goal now is to enable you to gain power over the things you say, think, and do. I will be sending you your type’s synopsis for your review. I want you to read over it and consider through the week how what you read and what we have talked about is being acted out in your daily life. Your homework is simple but very detailed. Throughout your day, I want you to step back and ask yourself:

    1. Why did I just do that?

    2. Why did I just say that?

    3. Why did I just feel that?

    4. Why did I just think that?
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