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First Coaching Session Form Template

If you are a coach looking for a form template to use for the First Coaching Session with your clients, this is the perfect tool for you. This form template provides an efficient and organized way to collect the necessary information from your client before the session. With this template, you can easily get a better understanding of your client’s background, challenges and goals. This will help you customize the session to their needs and help them get the most out of it.

The template includes sections for background, challenges and goals, as well as a space for notes and any additional comments. The questions are designed to be straightforward and easy to answer. This will help your client provide the necessary information in a quick and efficient manner, while also helping you understand their unique situation and how best to provide the assistance they need.

Your clients will appreciate the time and attention you take to understand their needs and situation. With this template, you will be able to quickly and easily collect all the necessary information and use it to provide a customized, effective and successful coaching session. Make the most of your time and your client’s time with this First Coaching Session Form Template.

First Coaching Session Form Template

  1. What is your occupation?
  2. Where do you live? Please describe your home to me.
  3. What are your favorite hobbies, how do you like to spend your spare time?
  4. What are you looking for in a coaching relationship?
  5. Have you ever worked with a coach before?
  6. Which symptoms and signs are you experiencing?
  7. To what extent do you experience stress currently in your life?
  8. What are the main causes of this stress?
  9. What major changes have you undergone in recent years?
  10. What are you most pleased and proud of having accomplished in your personal and professional life?
  11. What makes you unique and powerful?
  12. What goals do you want to achieve in the next three (3) months?
  13. Where are you now on these goals?
  14. What's stopping you?
  15. What goals do you want to achieve in the next twelve (12) months?
  16. Where are you now on these goals?
  17. What's stopping you?
  18. What is one big dream you'd like to accomplish in your life?
  19. Generally speaking, what is your degree of comfort with self awareness, self inquiry, healing or spiritual practices such as meditation, breathwork,  self compassion, journaling, etc.? 1 being uncomfortable and 5 being very comfortable.
  20. Is there anything else I should know before we talk?
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