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New Business Coaching Client Intake Form

Are you a business coach looking for an efficient and reliable way to onboard new clients? Look no further than this New Business Coaching Client Intake Form.

This form template is a streamlined way to capture key information from new clients. With this form, you can quickly and easily gather important data related to your clients’ needs and goals. This data is then securely stored, giving you an organized and up-to-date overview of each client.

This form template also allows you to customize questions for each client. That way, you can tailor the intake process to the specific needs of each client. This ensures that the form is accurately capturing the information you need to best serve them.

In addition to the new client intake form, this template also includes a welcome document. This document provides a great way to introduce yourself to new clients and provide helpful information they may need.

The New Business Coaching Client Intake Form is an excellent tool to help you efficiently onboard new clients and get the information you need to provide the best possible service.

New Business Coaching Client Intake Form

  1. Briefly describe your business. Who do you serve? What do you sell? What's the price point?

  2. Your LinkedIn Profile:

  3. What's your current monthly revenue?

  4. What's your desired monthly revenue?

  5. What do you feel is your biggest obstacle to hitting your monthly revenue goal?

  6. What are your biggest business goals for the next 3 and 6 months?

  7. Where do you feel like you need the most support? Where do you feel like you're getting stuck?

  8. If you were to sabotage your own progress, what would that look like?

  9. What would make coaching a win for you? What’s your biggest goal with this experience?

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