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New Career Coaching Client Intake Form

As a career coach, you know that the foundation of any successful coaching relationship is the intake process. A comprehensive intake process ensures that you and your client have a shared understanding of their objectives, expectations, and goals. With that in mind, having an effective intake form is essential to that process.

The New Career Coaching Client Intake Form is designed to make the process of gathering important information from your clients easier and more efficient. This form allows you to quickly and effectively collect important data about your client, including their background, goals, expectations, and more. Not only does this save you time, it also helps you create a comprehensive understanding of your client’s needs and objectives.

With this form, you can collect data that is essential to the success of your coaching relationship. You can gain insight into your client’s current situation and desired outcomes, helping you to structure the relationship and create a plan that is tailored to their individual needs. The form also serves as a helpful reference when discussing the progress of your client’s coaching journey.

Using this New Career Coaching Client Intake Form will help you to develop a successful and productive coaching relationship with your client. By gathering the necessary information upfront, you can more easily engage in meaningful conversations and provide your client with an effective coaching experience.

New Career Coaching Client Intake Form

  1. First & Last Name:
  2. Pronouns:
  3. Birthday: Month & Day (year optional):
  4. Preferred Method of Contact:
  5. Mailing Address: Address, City, State, Zip. By filling out your address you consent to receiving snail mail from me.
  6. Website & Social Media Accounts:
  7. For our sessions, do you prefer:
  8. Tell me about your identity in whatever language feels comfortable about you. (For example: I'm a white, mid-30's, new mom, able-bodied, German-American Libra, I'm an artist and I love snail mail.)
  9. What other forms of self-work and/or care do you utilize? What about in the past? Therapy? 12-step? Meditation? Exercise? etc.
  10. What is your current position or status in life/career/business?
  11. What are your top goals for your life/profession/business?
  12. Which goals/projects have you reached within the last year?
  13. What are your greatest struggles within your life/profession/business right now?
  14. What is the worst part about your life?work? Or running your business?
  15. How do you currently spend your leisure time?
  16. What 3 changes do you most want to make in your life?
  17. What do you feel ready to achieve? What does that readiness feel like?
  18. As an adult, have you worked in a one-on-one relationship (e.g. sports coach, music lessons, or with a therapist)?
  19. What worked well in the above relationship?
  20. What major changes have you experienced in the past 6 months? Ex: change of job, new role at work, change in residence, etc.
  21. Are there any major changes you've experienced in the past 1-2 years that feel relevant to you?
  22. On a scale of 1-5 (5 is high), how satisfied are you with the life choices you have made in the last 6 months?
  23. On a scale of 1-5 (5 is high), how much stress is in your life right now?
  24. What are stress triggers for you?
  25. What are you tolerating in your life at present? Ex: clutter, poor lighting, dented car, job dissatisfaction, dead plants, broken equipment, etc.
  26. What words would someone use to describe yourself at your best?
  27. What words would someone use to describe yourself at your worst?
  28. What concerns do you have about life?
  29. What makes you feel motivated?
  30. What is your personal and/or professional vision?
  31. What intentions do you have for your life right now?
  32. On a scale of 1-5 what is the quality of your life today?
  33. What would you like to get out of our time together?
  34. What does success from our work together look like?
  35. What else do I need to know to work with you?
  36. How did you find me?
  37. What is your biggest takeaway from this questionnaire?
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