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Why does coaching matter?

Why does coaching matter?

Today, my team and I are excited to launch Practice, a set of tools that anyone can use to launch or manage a coaching business — instantly, and from anywhere on Earth.


While building Practice, we’ve met over 100 coaches from as far as Kenya, Syria and Thailand, and as close as San Francisco and New York whose main job is to get up in the morning and help others achieve their potential. Coaches the world over do this every single day. It is super impressive to see. They are individuals who have devoted their lives to helping others achieve their missions.

After all these discussions, the following is clear: nobody chooses this profession because it’s easy — or it hasn’t been, until now. Being a coach isn’t obvious; it’s hard to do, nobody knows exactly where to learn, or who should mentor them.

Another thing that’s very clear is that running a coaching business has been overly complex, requiring a huge number of tools, for no reason, with mostly half-built, poorly funded software at their disposal. The coaching industry, which has grown rapidly over the past decade, deserves better.

The above is but one reason we have decided to launch Practice. Another is that we are in the middle of a huge wave of unemployment that has caused huge amounts of needless suffering, with families cutting costs, and needing to find income, rapidly in order to stay afloat. Individuals and families need to make a living, sometimes in new ways — and I can’t think of a better way for them to do that than to mentor others for the first time.

Something you may not know is that my father was himself a coach for my whole life — from 1978 onward — and so, coaches have always surrounded me, even when the profession was obscure and not obvious. So it seems to come full circle for us to be working to help improve this industry today.


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For over a decade, it’s been my mission to empower people to work and to start a business faster and become professional in minutes.

It’s what we did at Breather when it launched, eventually raising over $150 million for it and growing it to 250 employees and millions of users. It’s what my first book, the New York Times bestselling Trust Agents did for social media in 2009. It’s been my personal mission for a long time, and so it’s quite natural for me and my team to focus on this mission here at Practice, every single day.

We want to help someone go from having no business, to their first business success, and to help them build this business from what they already know.

Our current customers are solopreneurs of all stripes — from performance coaches for Olympic athletes to first timers who are just getting their initial clientele during this pandemic. But whoever you are, and whatever you have to teach, we welcome you and we want to talk to you. We believe you have something to contribute, and we want to help you get up and running, quickly.

Over the coming months, we will slowly be opening up Practice to customers. You can get early access here. Thanks for taking part in this journey, and thanks for doing your best to make your corner of the world a better place.

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