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Onboarding Form Template for Executive Coaches

Are you an executive coach looking for a streamlined way to onboard new clients? The Onboarding Form Template for Executive Coaches is here to help you save time and make the client onboarding process easier.

This form template is designed with the executive coach in mind. It covers all the necessary information you need to get to know your clients and assess their needs. The form can be customized to include questions about the client's background, objectives, and goals. It also provides an opportunity for them to provide any additional information that may be useful for your coaching process.

The Onboarding Form Template for Executive Coaches is easy to use and can be filled out by your clients in just a few minutes. It is designed to be user-friendly, so your clients will have no problem navigating through the form. All their information will be saved in your system, so you can quickly review their information and get started.

This form template is an essential tool for any executive coach. It provides a convenient and efficient way to gather information from your clients, so you can better serve them. With the Onboarding Form Template for Executive Coaches, you can quickly get to know your clients and start helping them reach their goals.

Onboarding Form Template for Executive Coaches

  1. What 3-5 words would you use to describe what you personally value?

  2. How would you conversationally describe what you do for work?

  3. What are the top problems in your field? How is your work contributing to solutions?

  4. Share some business basics about your company. Revenue, # of clients, # of employees, operating margin, % growth YoY

  5. How do you feel about your work?

  6. What is stressing you out? What does stress feel like?

  7. How can coaching significantly support you and your work? Please don’t limit yourself to what you think is possible, be bold.

  8. What do you consistently spend time doing every day?

  9. How do you remember and decide what to do every day?

  10. What are you actively doing for mental fitness? (meditate, read, continuing education, therapy)

  11. How are you actively supporting your mental health? (eg quality/quantity of sleep, alcohol intake, therapy, nutrition, physical fitness, supportive relationships)

  12. What are your top interests, related to your work? How about unrelated to your work?

  13. What are your areas of expertise/skill/gifts, related to your work? How about unrelated to your work?

  14. What business functions do you struggle with? (eg. marketing, operations, growth, people/culture, product/service, innovation, finance)

  15. What work gives you energy? What work drains you?

  16. How do you get feedback about your work? What feedback are you working on?

  17. Who and what is inspiring you right now?

  18. How does your personal life support your work? How does your work support your personal life?

  19. What is the most precious dream you have for yourself? You're safe to be vulnerable, go all in on your answer.

  20. What would having what you want do for you? (money to buy something, time to do something, status to belong to some group, etc)

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