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Finding Your Niche: What Is an Empowerment Coach?

Finding Your Niche: What Is an Empowerment Coach?

Life coaching has different branches and approaches to explore. This article will answer “what is an empowerment coach” and what makes a good coach.


It’s true: We must love ourselves before all others. But we tend to depend on other people –– mostly our partners, families, or friends –– for happiness and validation, even though they don’t always meet our expectations, leaving us feeling emotionally disconnected. 

We bury these emotions, and sometimes it seems like there’s no escape. But that’s where an empowerment coach helps us get back on our feet.

Empowerment coaches –– like career coaches, executive coaches, or personal development coaches –– specialize in their niche. They help clients move on from the past, boost confidence levels, and achieve short- and long-term goals. 

If you think you have the goods to guide others to overcome slumps, this coaching niche is for you. Here’s all you need to know about what an empowerment coach is and what you need to become one. 

What is empowerment?

Empowerment means taking control of your personal and professional life and goals. It gives you the confidence to face your fears, make decisions, and work toward your short- and long-term targets. You’ll feel ready for whatever life has to offer you.

What is an empowerment coach?

An empowerment coach focuses on helping clients identify their limiting beliefs and preconceived notions, which may be stopping them from achieving goals. These coaches encourage clients to examine old wounds, talk about them, and eliminate the emotional baggage. They also prompt clients to adopt an optimistic lifestyle, which eventually helps clients feel positive and confident, recognize their self-worth, and sometimes connect with their spiritual selves. Empowerment coaches encourage clients to speak freely, helping them outline goals and address potential or existing issues.

Characteristics of an empowerment coach

An excellent empowerment life coach guides clients during rough patches and talks them through self-doubt, helping them feel worthy of themselves. But that’s not all. Here are a few other characteristics that make a great empowerment coach:

  • Confident: Before helping clients feel confident, coaches must trust their abilities to bring a change in someone’s life. Clients need to connect with the coach before seeking their services. Self-assertive coaches act as examples, helping clients open up about their concerns.  
  • Empathetic: Already under-confident clients want a coach who understands their problems. For that reason, an essential part of empowerment coaching is addressing the client's limiting beliefs and empathizing with their feelings. 
  • Great listener: A good coach actively and patiently listens to their clients and notes every detail. This helps coaches outline the best strategies to support clients during their personal development. 
  • Effective communicator: A great coach clearly and effectively communicates with their clients. They create a safe environment for self-conscious clients who have trouble discussing their feelings, which is why coaches should articulate their thoughts well.


How can empowerment coaches help?

An empowerment coach is more than someone who gives clients motivational speeches. These coaches work with clients who are hesitant to take a step or have a negative outlook. Besides guiding clients through these situations, empowerment coaches help others do the following:

  • Accept themselves. Coaches prompt clients to embrace individuality and feel comfortable in their own skin. 
  • Discover life's purpose. Empowerment coaches encourage clients to share their core beliefs, interests, and what keeps them motivated — without fear of judgment. They use this information to help clients uncover their purpose in life and advise them of fulfilling and positive career choices.
  • Navigate difficult circumstances. A coach helps clients bounce back from a difficult situation and plan to move forward.
  • Identify strengths. These coaches help clients recognize their strengths and weaknesses. They also educate clients on turning these weaknesses into opportunities.

Are you fit to become an empowerment coach?

Empowerment coaching is a type of life coaching that could be a potential profession if you:

  • Possess confidence that brings out others' best selves.
  • Encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, such as taking a course or enrolling in an art class. 
  • Help people find purpose in their personal or professional lives. 

Do you need certification?

Although this niche is unregulated and doesn’t require empowerment coach certification, earning one helps legitimize your business and shows you've received coach training and education. 

When looking for coaching certification programs, find one accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to ensure the program is top-notch. Once you become a certified life coach, join a coaching organization with other career coaches to enhance your skills and practice as a personal empowerment coach. 

But before commencing your business, shadow an experienced empowerment coach to gain exposure to this field. This helps you know what clients are looking for and the services’ costs.  

Stay organized with Practice

Life coaching is a broad field, and finding a niche may seem daunting. But once you identify your strengths and know how you want to help clients, the route to becoming a coach gets easy. 

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