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Breaking Down Intuitive Life Coaching

Breaking Down Intuitive Life Coaching

Mentor people to unleash their potential to reach newer heights by becoming an intuitive life coach. Learn all about intuitive life coaching.


We’ve all heard expressions such as “follow your heart” or “go with your gut.” And no one profoundly understands them as much as an intuitive life coach. 

Intuitive life coaching thrives on the assumption that people have the answers to their own questions. Sure, they can bounce their ideas off friends, family members, and even coaches. However, intuitive life coaches help clients see that the best advice comes from within — especially when that advice is about the decisions they should make to have a more fulfilling life. 

If you think you can help people introspect, identify their strengths and opportunity areas, and guide themselves toward the life they want, here’s your cue to be an intuitive life coach. 

Learn what it means to coach others from the inside out.

What is an intuitive life coach? 

Intuitive life coaches help clients discover their strengths, weaknesses, and impediments. They focus on clients’ energy and believe anyone can improve their way of living if they change their outlook and habits. 

Some refer to this field as the law of attraction coaching, which means people attract experiences that match their energy –– positive or negative. Using the law of attraction or similar logic as guidance, intuition coaches help clients confront the issues holding them back and adopt a new frame of mind. 

Intuitive life coaches help clients:

  • Explore a new hobby or passion 
  • Pursue a personal, financial, or career goal 
  • Tap into their creativity
  • Improve their social lives 
  • Start a business 
  • Work on their personal development 
  • Foster self-awareness
  • Feel more satisfied with their lives or improve their well-being 
  • Boost their physical health 
  • Learn their strengths
  • Practice self-love and self-care
  • Overcome limiting beliefs


What does an intuitive life coaching session entail?

Almost all intuitive life coaches practice differently. While some use more traditional coaching exercises and conversations, others gravitate toward healing practices such as Reiki. Here are a few coaching techniques:

Active listening

Empathetic listening is a common practice for most coaches, no matter their focus. An intuitive life coach lends an ear to a client and lets them sort out their inner workings through conversation in a safe space.

Creative coaching practice

Intuitive life coaches encourage clients to make vision boards, journal, or perform similar exercises that help them form a clear picture of their ambitious existence and identify areas where they feel dissatisfied.


Some coaches use guided meditation to help clients contemplate or remain in the present. 


Intuitive life coaches may use hypnotherapy, provided they hold a hypnosis certification, to help people make subconscious changes. 

Chakra healing

This Indian healing method works with spiritual energies. Any coach who practices this spiritual intuitive coaching should be certified and trained. Chakra healing balances seven points in the human body to ensure that it’s physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally aligned. 


Some specially trained coaches may also practice Reiki, a popular Japanese healing method to help clients find emotional and physical balance.

How do I become an intuitive life coach?

Follow these four steps and launch your career as an intuitive life coach:

  1. Define the type of intuitive coaching you aim to practice: Decide whether you’ll focus on a specific kind of spiritual healing or offer more generalized services. Charting services will help you outline your path and any certifications you need. 
  1. Pursue certification: Although no governing body has clearly laid out a structure to become an intuitive life coach, earning a certification ensures you’re doing right by your clients and entering the field prepared. However, some U.S. states have imposed regulations on practicing specific healing therapies, so confirm this before offering these services. Here are a few intuitive life coach certification programs to check out:
  • Intuitive Life Coaching Academy (ILCATE): The institute offers a 131-hour course, including weekly lessons, peer coaching, personal mentor coaching, and 24/7 access to a private student group. 
  • Udemy: The online training institute offers a short 2-hour course on intuitive life coaching.
  • Inner Life Skills: The portal offers a certification that includes three online classes and virtual educational resources.
  1. Set up your coaching business: Craft a business plan that outlines your services, cost, and target audience. Conduct market research on your competitors, including their services and charges. Then, determine how you’ll market your practice and run it. Design a financial plan that details your overhead and upstart costs and goals.
  2. Start receiving clients: Start small when you take on your first clients. Coaching takes emotional energy — not to mention time — and you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Once you get a feel for what the work entails, you can scale. You might try offering a discount to your first clients while you’re getting a feel for the job.

Intuitive coaches, intuitive tools

If you believe in intuitive coaching, you’ll likely also believe in the power of intuitive coaching tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems. CRM helps businesses flow more smoothly while freeing time to focus on clients and their needs. 

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