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Here’s Why You Need a Nutrition Coaching Software + Examples

Here’s Why You Need a Nutrition Coaching Software + Examples

Learn the importance of taking your coaching business’s tech to the next level. Find out about nutrition coaching software and the features to look out for.


As nutrition coaches, you manage a wealth of clients with various dietary restrictions, allergies, and deficiencies. But your work doesn’t end at educating and advising clients about proper food habits. 

Maintaining their records and progress, regularly scheduling check-in sessions, and managing other administrative tasks might become challenging when your client base grows. But we’ve got you covered.

We built a business around helping coaches work more intelligently with the right virtual tools, so this is a subject we’re particularly passionate about. 

Learn how reliable and reputable nutrition coaching software can benefit your business and what you should look for in a platform.

Why you should embrace digital platforms

If you’re efficient at running your business and have a system for completing all your routine tasks, getting help from a digital platform may seem unnecessary. But as the excellent coach you are, we know you’re always looking for opportunities to offer your clients more. Technology minimizes your labor, streamlines processes, and helps you deliver more comprehensive nutrition coaching services to your clients. It helps you: 

  • Implement analytics: Nutrition and health coaching software offer dashboards with clear metrics that mark clients’ progress. While you may already be tracking your clients’ advancements, you can now leverage the power of calculators and easy-to-read dashboards. Having this information in a convenient, user-friendly place makes it easier for your clients to appreciate their success. 
  • Improve engagement: Coaching software or coaching customer relationship management (CRM) tools help you stay in better contact with your clients. For example, Practice’s CRM tool, designed with coaches in mind, allows you to send messages and documents to clients on the same platform where they schedule appointments and securely pay for your services. You make your clients’ lives easier and build long-term relationships with them.  
  • Stay on top of goal setting and plans: You may come across nutrition coaching with dietary plans suggested by nutritionists or doctors and workout routines assigned by a personal trainer. Hold your clients accountable by tracking their progress in implementing these plans. 
  • Store essential information: Keep all the details from your client’s intake form –– especially crucial points on their allergies, diagnoses, and recommendations from medical professionals –– in one safe place. Leverage a reputable, trusted online platform to store data and conversations. And rest assured and give your clients peace of mind that their data is secure.  


The best nutrition coaching apps

“Best” is a subjective term, so before you start perusing the market for the right app for your business, list the needs you want this platform to fulfill. Doing so will make it much easier to choose the right app from a wealth of options on the market. Here are a few platforms to check:

  • Nutrium: This all-in-one nutrition software focuses on dieticians and nutritionists, allowing them to store client health records and meal plans and schedule appointments.
  • Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach: This health and fitness coaching platform allows coaches and nutrition professionals to message their clients, organize check-ins, save client data, and create nutrition plans.
  • Shopwell: This app gives clients the tools to make better food decisions, letting them enter specific fitness goals and needs to navigate the grocery store with customized shopping lists. 
  • NutriAdmin: This platform caters to nutritionists and dieticians globally, allowing them to create client questionnaire forms, meal plan activities, and client profiles. Once clients enter their information, you can safely maintain their records, schedule appointments, and track their progress.       
  • Evolution Nutrition: This meal planning app includes ready-made portions for specific goals or ailments. It allows nutritionists and dieticians to choose one of the three membership plans and offer predesigned meal options to their clients.
  • Practice: Our features are made with every type of coach in mind. We streamline client communication and provide a secure place to store data, send invoices, and receive payment and bookings. Save and modify templates for your nutrition coaching plans, and send them to your clients.

Note: You can also ask clients to use macro-tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal or Track. 

Features you need

As you decide on the right tools for your company, ensure these platforms provide your desired features. The idea is to streamline your tasks, and having apps that don’t quite meet the mark on their own can force you to use multiple platforms. Here are a few functionalities to look out for: 

  • Client portals: Seek an app that offers a client version, allowing clients to set reminders ranging from drinking water to exercising. If you provide online nutrition coaching, having a mobile app that you and your client can use is especially important since you’ll be working remotely. 
  • Metrics: Choose a platform that allows your clients to track their progress within the app and communicate with you about any changes they want to make to their coaching plan. 
  • Secure features: Use apps that comply with government-regulated laws, protect clients’ data and conversations, and facilitate secure payments. 
  • CRM features: You may find the perfect nutrition and fitness tracking app, but it lacks client management features. You can still use that health-focused app; we recommend also using a CRM to organize your administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling and data housing. 

Use tech to offer a better client experience

At Practice, we understand your focus is on providing high-quality, tailored coaching sessions. Working with the right tech can offer your clients a value-add and minimize the administrative work you do. Spending less time on admin frees up mental and physical energy for planning excellent sessions. 

Head to our blog and learn more about improving your coaching programs and professionalizing your services. Read up on how to write a coaching agreement and coaching disclaimer that help you during conflicts with clients. Try us today.

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